Ergoflex is ruim 40 jaar actief met het op de markt brengen van hulpmiddelen voor woningaanpassingen en zorginstellingen.

Door samenwerking met internationaal gespecialiseerde bedrijven kan Ergoflex een breed assortiment hulpmiddelen leveren voor zowel de woningaanpassingen en zorginstellingen.

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Living at Home Longer with Custom Inclusive Adjustments

Are you looking for adjustments in your house that make your living more comfortable? Or applications that make your home wheelchair- or handicap-accessible? At Ergoflex, we pride ourselves in 40 years of experience in inclusive adjustments. From kitchens and height-adjustable systems to adjustable sanitary facilities, from shower stretchers to nursing tables, and from stair lifts to stations for motorised scooters. As we develop our products ourselves mostly, we can fully customise them to your needs and wishes. A perfect fit for your interior through customised dimensions. This ensures low costs, and guarantees you get exactly what you need. Call us for a non-binding appointment.

Clever and Inexpensive Home Solutions for Your Limitation or Impairment

Do you want to move, live, and work freely in your own house, despite your limitation or handicap? Or do you want to extend your time at home now that you are getting older? A handicap is only a limitation when it hampers your daily dealings. For instance, when your kitchen counter is too high and you can’t stand upright for longer periods of time, or when you can’t reach your kitchen cupboards. And what if your sills and thresholds are too high? With clever interventions, Ergoflex gives you back your home. For the long term, and for an attractive price.

Custom Solutions for Your Specific Circumstances

Your circumstances are unique. They require unique solutions. At Ergoflex, we have 40 years of experience under our belt in bespoke comfort applications for homes and institutions. We work flexibly, are price-minded, and easy to reach. We put our backs into solving your daily challenges. And having this in-house expertise allows us to keep your costs low. A 3D image can show you instantly what your new situation is going to look like. We optionally provide a 3D printed version of smaller objects.

Wide Range of Options for Home Adjustments

Should you decide on an Ergoflex solution, a local provider near you will come by to assess your situation, and advise you on the possibilities. And that’s quite a few. At Ergoflex, you can even choose your own colours, prints, and materials. Your custom solution fully integrates with the rest of your interior. Ergoflex believes inclusive adjustments can look neat and tidy too.

Your First Step Towards More Comfort at Home

Would you like to know more about our inclusive adjustments, hear how we work, or book an appointment with us right away? We love to help you along. Many times, we can offer a lot more than you had imagined. Please send us an email, or call us directly.